Pâte de Verre

I am working with my glass sculptures in my Studio in Randers, Denmark.
The glass technique I use is “Pâte de Verre". It is an ancient glassworking technique rediscovered in France in the Art Nouveau period in the late 1800’s.
I start with making an original model in clay or wax. Then I make a casting and remove the model. Afterwards a fine glass paste is packed into the mold in many layers.

After firing the glass in a glass kiln for 3 days the sculpture is ready for finishing. All the sculptures are unique since the mold is lost in the process of creating the image.



  • Randers Art School, Denmark.
  • Århus Academy of fine Arts - Department of Sculpture, Denmark.  2002
    • Torben Møller and Richard Saabye, Holmegård Glassworks, Denmark. Glass casting.
    • Hartmann Greb, Hamborg, Germany. Pâte de Verre.
    • Ed and Martha Biggar, USA.Workshop: Glass combined with silver at Corning Museum of Glass, New York, USA.
    • Helen Stokes, Australia. Glass casting.
    • Rudi Gritsch, Austria. Advanced glass working techniques.
  • Work by order of mason Ole Søndergaard. Bronze. September 2008.
  • Akureyri University, Island. 2004
  • WinterSpace, 103 St, Manhattan, New York - “A Lot of Possibilities”.*  Proposal for glass sculptures in ”Community Gardens” on Manhattan. Spring and summer 2010.
  • Group exhibition at Gallery 51, North Adams, Massachusetts, USA. From February 24th to end of March 2011. “A Lot of Possibilities” *
  • Separate exhibition at the C.G Jung Institute of New York, 28 East 39th Street, Manhattan, New York, USA. 2011. February 28. to May 20. 2011.
  • Installation of 4 glass sculptures in ”Mobilization for Change Garden”, West 107 St and Columbus Avenue, Manhattan, New York. May 14th 2011. “A Lot of Possibilities” *
  • Group exhibition in Japan - AJAC Exhibition.
    Kagoshima City Museum of Art 3.-8. juni 2014
    Tokyo Metropolitan-Art Museum. 25. september - 3. oktober
  • Double-exhibition - Ebeltfoft Art-association
    Ralf Mabillon and Lisbeth Langkjær
    April 11th - May 3rd 2015
  • Bifrost 20 Years Exhibition at Skagen Odde Naturcenter
    July 31st - October 18th 2015
  • Silkeborg Business Collage
    October-December 2015 

    *  “A Lot of Possibilities” is funded by Lower Manhattan Cultural Center (LMCC) and New York State Council on the Arts..